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GLOBAL CARGO ASSOCIATION (GCA) is an integrated powerful network of reputable logistics companies and independent freight forwarders worldwide that was born from the market need for a network that will not only list their members but to provide them real benefits. We feel forwarding networks today need to offer premium quality, services and programs. The GCA network encourages members from all across the world and enjoys the benefits of working with reliable partners especially in large markets like the USA, China and India. We are growing rapidly to encompass a wide range of specialised services.

Our members, no matter what part of the world they belong to, share a unified objective i.e. to work together in order to generate reciprocal business opportunities. We strengthen our global presence and maintain our growth by constantly connecting with top quality logistics companies, which are already excelling in their local markets through specialisation. Our elite members are carefully selected after a thorough screening process in order to guarantee superior quality and reliability of our financial secure alliance.

GCA is providing its members with everything they need to prosper. This incorporates not only a global brand but also a directory of reliable financially secure partners who are keen to work in collaboration to bid for large tenders and negotiate lower rates from carriers and insurers. Our strongly tied international web of highly respected service driven logistic professional puts us in the same league as the ‘worldwide fastest growing and reputable Network’

We excel because of our team who have passion for the industry and they excel because they believe in strategic selection of members and in bridging communication gaps with each other constantly. Hence we seek agents who outshine with aggressive commercial teams, strong knowledge of their local markets and reliable financial backgrounds meanwhile respecting the limit of companies per country. At GCA we have kept fine boundaries between professional and formal. All of our members are dedicated to perfection but that does not mean that the atmosphere shall stay bureaucratic and formal. Our annual conferences give our members chance to know each other personally and discuss future business prospects.

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  • Amazing Network with amazing support

    M. Ameen - MASA LOGISTICS Dubai


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