MSC Negotiates for Italy’s Largest Container Terminal

19 Mar 2019

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company has begun negotiations with Italian terminal operator Contship Italia for 50% of its shares in the Medcenter Container Terminal (MCT).

Located in the Port of Gioia Tauro, Italy, MCT is currently controlled by Contship subsidiary CSM Italia Gate, the company MSC is planning to acquire half the ownership of.

In addition to this, MSC is already a partner and the main customer of Gioia Tauro, where MCT is the concessionaire of container terminal activities.

According to a statement from the terminal operator, Contship Italia has appointed the law firm that will assist with speeding up the process of negotiations, as well as an independent financial advisor.

As talks continue between the two companies, it has also been confirmed that MCT will remain fully operational throughout the discussions.

A further statement from Contship read: “Contship Italia Group, which started and has been running the terminal for over 24 years, is fully committed to safeguard the employment levels, so as to preserve the value and competitiveness of the largest Italian container terminal.

“(It is) a key industrial reality that plays an extremely important role for the economy of the local territory and the entire south of Italy.”

MSC is currently in the process of expanding its terminal portfolio, and in January 2019 announced that it would invest in the construction of Portugal’s largest dry port.



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