GCA Network Reiterates Efforts To Sensitize Logistics Companies

by GCA Nov 19 2018

In a modern digital world where the reach of global connection is rapidly increasing, the need for easy movement of physical resources and materials cannot be overemphasized. Business transactions and deals are closed and concluded on a daily, involving conglomerates and partners across the globe. And the truth is, these businesses require their shipping and delivery to be almost as fast as their internet connection! This is where logistics companies come in.

One of the major attributes a logistics company should possess is the ability to provide secure and fast movement of products and resources to their designated destinations for their clients without strenuous processes. In the modern-day market, this requires using a couple of innovative tools intended to make the whole process of shipping and delivery as seamless as possible for a logistics company.

Global Cargo Association offers a safe haven for any logistics company looking to become a globally recognized brand and a reliable distributor. With a network cutting across major markets like the USA, China, and India, GCA boasts of the largest network of independent freight forwarders and reputable logistics companies. The association strives to create a worldwide partnership of reliable logistics companies that have the perfect knowledge of their local markets.

More importantly, being a member of this association gives you – as a logistics company – access to practical supply chain solutions, providing you with end to end logistics from project initiation to sustainable operations.

The London-based logistics network fosters a healthy relationship between its members enabling easy sharing of information and of course, clientele. From helping you grow your client potential, to paving the way for more freight partnerships, not to mention providing your logistics outfit with professional assistance, GCA adopts an aggressive method of putting its members ahead of competitors in their respective markets across the globe.

However, in a bid to ensure a high level of service, Global Cargo Association performs high level scrutinizing of its members before they are allowed to join the network. These verification checks include business fluidity and financial stability. Routine checks are also conducted from time to time by inspectors to make sure that a high level of service is always provided and arising problems can be addressed.

Taking advantage of the GCA network allows you to focus on delivering quality service to your clients while our professional customer care service representative handle all other branches of support for your company’s needs.

GCA has further reiterated its intentions with its acquisition of the signatures of reputable logistics companies such as Shipping Imperial Co. and Masa Logistics FZCO.

“An amazing network with amazing support” were the words of an excited M. Ameen, the manager of Masa Logistics.

Be a part of this innovative association and take your logistics company from where it is to where it should be!


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  • With GCA proactive approach like magazine articles participation in trade fairs etc. extended by GCA is an add on feature, I feel they carry us wherever they go and that itself is a business promotion for us.

    VinodKumar - Merc Logistics India Chennai
  • Amazing Network with proactive support

    M. Ameen - MASA LOGISTICS Dubai


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