Global Cargo Association Celebrates Shipping Imperial Co. Joining Founder Membership Program

by GCA Nov 16 2018

Global Cargo Association are happy to expand their international reach even further with the well-established Korean shipping company Shipping Imperial Co. (SIC) being the latest to become part of their ever-growing Founder Membership Program.

September 14, 2018

The GCA – Global Cargo Association – is on a mission to bring together the world's best and most efficient shipping and logistic companies, in the same association, working together for all of their mutual benefit.  Their Founding Membership Program is off to a very quick start, with GCA recently announcing the Korean-based shipping professionals SIC (Shipping Imperial Co.) are the newest Founding members.  This is win-win news that has all involved quite passionate.

“It's wonderful to see SIC join the team,”  commented a spokesperson from GCA.  “Korea is an amazing market and it is just getting better.  We are very excited about this new relationship. At GCA we believe that we will revolutionise the industry, we are creating an environment where members work together to achieve success, bonded by a code of ethics, actively building new connections and opportunities between our partners, and SIC will be a big part of this we are sure.”

According to SIC, they maintain the Korean tradition of doing honorable and reputable business that stretches back over 5000 years.  This is well reflected in the reputation held by SIC among their many companies as they handle shipping and logistics needs inside their proud country.

The GCA is active worldwide and is always on the look out for other high-quality shipping and logistic firms to join their association, benefiting all involved. This drive has disrupted the traditional fractured nature of the shipping industry and only served to benefit both companies and clients alike.

GCA is headquartered in London UK, with an office in Wroclaw Poland, and new offices opening soon in Dubai and Shenzhen, China. 

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  • With GCA proactive approach like magazine articles participation in trade fairs etc. extended by GCA is an add on feature, I feel they carry us wherever they go and that itself is a business promotion for us.

    VinodKumar - Merc Logistics India Chennai
  • Amazing Network with proactive support

    M. Ameen - MASA LOGISTICS Dubai


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