Global Cargo Association see Network of Independent Freight Firms Grow With Freelance Logisitcs of Dubai Joining

by GCA Jan 23 2019

Independent freight & logistic companies can all benefit when working with a network that allows cross-promotion and collaboration.  The Global Cargo Association has brought this vision to life, with Founding members worldwide, announcing Freelance Logistics of Dubai as the latest addition.

January 21, 2019 

Shipping a package or freight and being able to count on its safe and timely arrival, handled by experienced professionals is a top-priority for many businesses and individuals. Depending on the location of origin and final destination this can often present a challenge. The Global Cargo Association is a young but quickly growing network of independent, integrated, reputable freight forwarders and logistics experts worldwide.  Allowing only the best companies in the world to be of their partners, and enjoy the benefits that this brings, the network recently welcomed well-regarded Freelance Logistics LLC, headquartered in Dubai, with six other offices internationally, to join their prestigious Founder Member program.

“Dubai is an exciting place when it comes to international business and Freelance Logistics have a spotless reputation for excellence,” remarked a spokesperson from the Global Cargo Association.  “Their new status as one of our Founding Members will certainly be an all-around win-win.  We couldn't be more enthusiastic to welcome them.”

GCA Founding membership brings increased business opportunities, reach into markets that may have otherwise been more difficult or costly to enter, access to a remarkable level of marketing advantages, and even financial services through their secure GCA Bank where members can transfer and collect payments, worry-free, to name just a few highlights.

2019 is expected to see the smart and healthy growth of Global Cargo Association continue, always with an eye-kept on maintaining its high-standards and being sure as not crowd any markets so that all of their member organizations have the real opportunity to prosper.

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