Well-Respected Bali Freight Forwarder Lintas Dewata Cargo (LDC Cargo) Joins Growing International Network Global Cargo Association

by GCA Jan 23 2019

When it comes to shipping in Bali, LDC Cargo cover it all air freight, sea freight, storage, and warehousing.  The Global Cargo Association is happy to welcome them into the GCA network as the newest exciting member.

Sending anything from a package to something larger globally could be quite irritating for many shippers, and costly, depending on the circumstance. Mutually, it has often been difficult for local freight shipping companies to see their business grow at an impressive rate without connecting with other firms working in the same space for mutual benefit.  The good news is that the Global Cargo Association (GCA) has solved this problem on both ends, through establishing a win-win network that's growing worldwide of logistics and shipping companies who collaborate to get the jump done.  Due to their increasing popularity, the network recently affirmed that member's success is a top GCA priority with the network setting a limit to three GCA shipping and logistics associate per city. The latest to join and receive one of the three spots in Bali is Indonesia freight forwarder LintasDewataCargo (LDC Cargo) to the enthusiasm of both their team and the whole GCA.

“It is important to us for our project to always be a win-win-win, for the customer, the shipper, and for the network,”  commented a spokesperson from the GCA.  “We are protecting the interests of the logistics shipping firms who join GCA, as well as encouraging their growth, by limiting the number to three per city.  Everyone benefits.”

Clearly, this means independent shipping, freight, and logistics companies who want to tap into this opportunity are likely to only have a quite limited time to come on board before the three spots in their city are filled.  GCA highly encourages interested firms to investigate their website and contact them directly to see how membership in the network can be an absolute game-changer for the better.

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  • With GCA proactive approach like magazine articles participation in trade fairs etc. extended by GCA is an add on feature, I feel they carry us wherever they go and that itself is a business promotion for us.

    VinodKumar - Merc Logistics India Chennai
  • Amazing Network with proactive support

    M. Ameen - MASA LOGISTICS Dubai


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