Global Cargo Association Network Welcomes Pakistan Industry-Leader Seagold to Founder's Program

by GCA Feb 03 2019

Seagold Supply Chain Management Limited are well established as Pakistan's top independent freight and logistics company.  In exciting news, they are now a Founder Member of the Global Cargo Association, in a new relationship that will mutually benefit their company and all of the GCA.

Independent freight and logistics companies can be quite successful in the areas where they are based or specialize in.  Often things become more complicated when needing to expand their reach, something which is not uncommon in a world where international business thrives more every day.  Stepping up to help provide solutions and benefits to independent freight and logistics firms is the quickly growing Global Cargo Association.  The GCA recently welcomed as a Founding Member Seagold Supply Chain Management Limited, considered to be Pakistan's leading service provider in the area, with close to two decades of experience in effective logistics solutions. Both Seagold and the GCA are very excited about the new business relationship and what it brings to both the company and the network.

“We are very pleased to see a company with such a long and well-regarded history and reputation as Seagold to join us as a Founder Member,”  remarked a spokesperson for the Global Cargo Association.  “We know they are going to find this to have been a decision that helps Seagold reach new heights, while also significantly strengthening the GCA.”

According to the network, freight and logistics companies who apply to become Founder Members and pass their very high standards to be accepted, receive very real benefits.  Some highlights of GCA Founder Membership benefits include, but are not limited to, the development of new first-class and reliable freight partnerships; added Financial Protection as a GCA Founder Member; increased cargo leads in the region they cover; and valuable marketing assistance through the network, which includes social media coverage, and press release marketing, which can all add to revenue potential.

Expect more news in 2019 of the Global Cargo Association's continued healthy growth.

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  • With GCA proactive approach like magazine articles participation in trade fairs etc. extended by GCA is an add on feature, I feel they carry us wherever they go and that itself is a business promotion for us.

    VinodKumar - Merc Logistics India Chennai
  • Amazing Network with proactive support

    M. Ameen - MASA LOGISTICS Dubai


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