Saudi Arabian Logistics Company Capital Logistics & Transport Joins the Founding Members Program of the Global Cargo Network

by GCA Aug 21 2019

Independent freight and logistics companies are smartly expanding their effectiveness, reach and boosting their amount of business by joining the Global Cargo Network. The latest to join the GCA is Saudi Arabia-based logistics firm Capital Logistics & Transport.

To meet and exceed the expectations of clients and ensure their loyalty independent freight and logistics companies are wise to tap into every advantage and resource they can connect with through networking. International platform the Global Cargo Network(GCA) has won a remarkable reputation as a leading force in this area, delivering great value to the companies who have joined the GCA Founder Members program. In exciting news, Dammam, Saudi Arabia based logistics company Capital Logistics & Transport, is now a Founder Member of the GCA enjoying its full benefits.

“Capital Logistics & Transport are very much experts in logistics and freight in and around Saudi Arabia and its neighbors,” commented a spokesperson from GCA.  “We are certain that our platform will be very valuable to the company and be an all around win-win for everyone concerned.”

According to the GCA, becoming a Founder Member of their network can cut logistics costs, provide upgrades to the new members digital platform, help them connect with leads to boost the amount they earn, and increase their marketing exposure.

Entry in the Founder Membership program is limited to three agents per city, making joining a smart decision for independent logistics companies who would like to be able to face their competition with every advantage while delivering the maximum in service to clients.

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  • With GCA proactive approach like magazine articles participation in trade fairs etc. extended by GCA is an add on feature, I feel they carry us wherever they go and that itself is a business promotion for us.

    VinodKumar - Merc Logistics India Chennai
  • Amazing Network with proactive support

    M. Ameen - MASA LOGISTICS Dubai


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